Secret Areas

Want to escape the crowds downtown and relax?  Want to have a cool hangout that isn’t your house.  Are you tired of swimming in the lake, ocean, and/or public pool?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, it’s time to visit one of our secret places.

Secret Places?

Yes, Secret Places.

Anyone can enter if they know the entrance.

Secret Roof Top

Location: Town Square, on top of Bear Outfitters

Entrance: Trampoline

Secret Coffee Shop Rooftop

Location:  Coffee Shop

Entrance:  Cat Picture Frame

Secret TreeHouse

Location:  Entrance

Entrance:  Tree Split

Secret Backstage Area

Location:  Pawforming Arts Center Inside

Entrance:  Left Balcony


40 Responses to Secret Areas

  1. this was very helpful! 🙂

  2. Skye says:

    u furgot one the under water sea one :T

  3. Skye says:

    u furgot to mention the underwater sea one wear u click the broken ship area and the lighthouse one where u click on the lighthouse and that stuff to go underwater i knew all those places and i guess thats all of it and the backstage area is on the JrCybearGuide tour the tree house one everyone knows that one do u have youtube i first watched a youtube video about all the secret areas they should really make more! 🙂 hehe

    • StephanieStar105 says:

      Ah thank you! I need to update all the secret areas so it’s up to date with Bearville. I consider the backstage area and the treehouse secret areas because they cannot be found on the map and you have to click in a specific location. I don’t have a youtube, sorry, however I do agree that the developers behind Bearville need to update the site more often and add more areas.

      • Skye says:

        kk and do u have twitter or facebook thou and also u should really get youtube i am sure u will get like a zillion subsrcibers! and ya its true they cannot be found on the map. and they do need to update the site big time more areas are better the more the merrier updates are very important i dearly do agree 100 percent and do not thank me i MUST thank you you’re blog is amazing keep up the great work! Making more areas would be awesome maybe at the BNN station we could work toghether and tell Pawlette that at ideas and suggetions for pawlette on the build board at BNN that would be super cool like real awesome! They sure should update they have not in like forever a very long time! haha hehe teehehe 🙂 😉 😀 ;D

      • Skye says:

        oh my i am so sorry i meant to say everyone knows the trampoline rooftop one i am dearly sorry i get mistaken my lots of areas in bearville so sorry i call the rooftop trampoline treehouse one for some reason so sorry please forgive i did not mean to usaully u always see people go on the tramploine even on the first day so sorry Chole even shows u bearville outfitters now on the new tour and she shows you the two ways to get there sorry again!

      • StephanieStar105 says:

        Its ok. Don’t worry about it!

  4. Skye says:

    Also how did u make the blog just asking :0 :U ;C teehehe haha

  5. Skye says:

    yay 🙂

  6. Skye says:

    Say, when did u make this blog?

    • StephanieStar105 says:

      I got started in blogging with my sister when we were in middle school and everyone was on a site called Dizzywood. Once that site died down due to the developers creating membership restrictions on everything, we switched to Build-a-Bearville and continue to blog about that. We already had accounts in Bearville, so it was an easy adjustment. That was back in 2009. A few years later my sister gave up on blogging and lost all interest in Bearville and I couldn’t continue the old blog due to the fact I was only an author on the blog. I had no admin controls over it. So thus in 2011 this blog was born that I could control completely and use what I know to get it up and running. There are of course long periods of time where I stopped blogging due to lack of interest and no time due to my school work, but there’s something about Bearville and blogging that keep drawing me back. If you want to start a blog, go for it! It’s fun, but it’s a lot of work to manage.

  7. Skye says:

    Tbh: ur so cool! Thx 🙂

  8. Skye says:

    😀 i will tell my friends about this blog! and my siblings ur r so helpful! 🙂

  9. Skye says:


  10. Skye says:

    sorry if i am asking so many questons i like being noisy i can’t help it but be curious lol

  11. Skye says:

    my bad Chloe Rocks new tour she shows u the rooftop one actaully when my baby sister was playing i was doing and aka watching the tour with her and she does show you even on the first day u can’t miss not know it u see people jump up there all the time even on the first day my baby sister knew it u always see people do it like a lot so sorry if i am being rude i just wanted to let u know the rooftop trampoline one is not that much of a secret hide out place even my big sister told me and she knows everything because she’d been playing bearville for years! since i think January 2008 something like that. 🙂

  12. Skye says:

    What was the first and last bear you got a build a bear workshop and what’s your favorite one?

  13. Skye says:

    there is also and u can make website out of wix try it right?

  14. Skye says:

    also i heard dizzywood was a place in a game called secretbuilders ever heard of that game before? hehe 😉

    • StephanieStar105 says:

      Yea, I had an account on both, but Dizzywood became boring once they made it a membership game and Secretbuilder is just plain boring to me. Dizzywood was much better and I enjoyed it when I was younger.

  15. Skye says:

    sorry if i may made a error my computer has glitches and is real slow ugh lol 🙂 😉

  16. Skye says:

    woah wow u are super helpful when will you be on bearville today what’s your scedule? i know bear cove but like what hour to what hour? When do u start going on and when do u start going off?

  17. Skye says:

    sorry i just really wanna see u like super duper badly!

  18. Skye says:

    i see you are busy sorry i will come back again a other time thanks for talking to me ur super duper awesome cya soon hope to cya soon! take care bye!

  19. Skye says:

    cya later

  20. Skye says:

    if it’s okay i will menton some more real cool games okay so Pirate 101, PetPetPark, Jumpstart, Herotopia, Petra’s Planet, I also love wizard 101 too!!!!!, Club penguin (lots of teens play that i cam promise you that!), Sprirt Animals, (i am super dumb i do not know how to spell oh well neener neener) Webkinz, Moshi Monsters, Monkey Quest, Secretbuilders, and yep yup hehe haha teehehe just wanted to tell u some other cool games i know i know lots of games i am such a Gamer Girl lol lolz XD rofl!

  21. Skye says:

    😦 aww cry cry

  22. Skye says:


  23. Skye says:


  24. Skye says:

    all teens play those games!

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