Oh Look, It’s Febuary Already

Hello everyone and welcome back. It’s a new month and with Valentines Day on the way there are actually some updates in Bearville.

First off, there is a new Bearville Times (which comes out every two weeks).


Also, everywhere you go is currently decorated with Valentines Themed decorations.

Only two stores are updated with new items this month, the Bear Stuff Store and the Stuff Fur All Seasons which will be opened this month for Valentines Day.

Bear Stuff Store


Only the top item is new, the other two have been brought to the front of the catalog due to their similar relevance to Valentines Day.

Stuff Fur All Seasons



That’s actually all for updates at this current time.

I don’t know about you guys, but I already decorated for Valentines Day at my home


The Heart Room is currently not sold at the Lumbear Yard.

Tomorrow is Groundhog’s Day, so remember to log in to get a special prize.


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Hello New Year and to the New People

Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a good year so far, with all this snow if you are in the North American continent.  So far I got 3 snow days in a row, but I have to head to school tomorrow, or today if you read this on Thursday. I just want to update everyone on what is happening in Bearville and on the Bear Cove.

What’s new in Bearville:


Actually, all they updated was that the North Pole was taken down for the year, all holiday items have been removed from the stores, and all the snow has been removed from the streets. They should had kept the snow until the end of February, because everyone knows that it continues to snow up here until a few weeks before spring.

Also, there is no new items in any of the shops. I checked so you didn’t have to. There’s nothing there.  The Stuff Fur All Seasons store is also closed until February. There are no significant holidays from now to Valentines so there is no need for this store to be opened.

Now what’s new in the Bear Cove:

Actually there is nothing much new here for the past month except since 2014 started I have seen a great increase in Bearville blogs up. Yay. Thanks to everyone who has found this blog and asked to be on the blog roll.  Hopefully we can create a new Bearville community for the new generation of players because frankly, my generation is almost done with this site.  This place, however, is very nostalgic to me so I continue to play it.

If you haven’t already checked out the community blog roll, you should so you can find some cool new blogs for your Bearville experience.

Also, starting soon when I get the chance, I shall be adding new pages to this blog.  The first one I know that will be added will be a page on how to earn more bear bills.  Easy enough, especially since I know a few tricks that can rack in the dough quickly without using any cheats or codes.  It’s called working hard and knowing what do to. Plus I currently have +50,000 bear bills so I think I know what I’m doing, but how to spend it is my problem.

If you guys have any suggestions for my blog or for some new pages, you can comment down below in the post. Any comments (except for spam) are much appreciated.

Well that’s all for this post. I hope you enjoyed your time here and your time in Bearville. I hope to see you again soon.

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Kicking off the Holiday Season!

Are you ready to go back to the North Pole this year? At Build-a-Bear you can! After you finish up your turkey you can log on for Christmas fun at the North Pole.

Take the train from the train station to get to the North Pole.


This seasonal area is filled with cheer and tons of seasonal games to play.



Also, if you see Maxine, Chole, Miguel, and Abbie walking around, you can click on them to get a prize.


Also there is no prize that I know of for watching the Holly and Hal webisodes. Other than the North Pole, there is not much new in Bearville right now except for the Stuff fur all Seasons Store is now stocked with Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanzaa decorations. Plus there are returning outfits in the Bearville Outfitters store.

Now to talk about something fun. While you are out Black Friday Shopping, stop by McDonalds and get a Happy Meal to get a Mini Buildabear and a coupon for Build a Bear Workshop to get $5 off a purchase of $30 or more (vaid till May of next year) and or a cute mini T-shirt for the mini bear for free (until quantities last). There is no virtual prizes for these cuties. Here is my collection, brought to you by my sweet boyfriend who knows I like cute stuff and build-a-bears.


Hey, if you get to go to Build-A-Bear today before noon, you can get the Sock Monkeys Nick and Joy for only $15 together! My boyfriend and I went last night because the mall by our homes were open, so I bought the two sock monkeys. He has the girl one while I have the boy one. This $15 offer is only for today, so get them before they are gone. Each sock monkey comes with a virtual online adventure, 1,000 bear bills, a new room for your cub condo, a new wallpaper that won’t be duplicated if you buy two and put them on the same account, and a virtual costume for your avatar.


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More Halloween Fun

Hello and welcome back to the BearCove. Here is all the new updates for the 2nd half of October 2013 in Bearville

We have new bearville times like every week. They come out ever Wednesday/Thursday and can be reread though the library and the bear zone.

The Market has also been Halloweenfied to match the season with the pumpkin as a teleport to the Kooky Spooky Fun House and the Halloween Photo booth.


Also, if you stay in Bearville, talk to Bearemy in the Town Square to go on a Trick or Treat quest! You can simply follow what everyone says to go to and get a joke and a treat at each place! You also get a move once you complete the quest.


Also, the shops are still stocking up on Halloween goods, but other goods for the season have been brought up to the front of the store catalogs.

newreturningbearstuff Finally if you complete 5 days in the maze in the Kooky Spooky Fun House you receive this bunch of balloons.


That’s all folks, see you soon!

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Bearville October Update part 2

Oh look, they gave us enough stuff to make 2 post about it! Yay.

Continuing Stuff Fur All Seasons:stufffurallseasons4

Lumbear Yard:newroomsseasonaltheme

And since we’re still on mainland Bearville, let me show you some of my special theme rooms and pumpkin. Remember that everyone with a club condo gets a pumpkin that they can customize outside the house.mykookyspookyroommythroneroompumpkin

Now for the main event, the Kooky Spooky Fun House has returned! Located on Sandy Bear Island, this place is only open during the Halloween Season for fun and special treats.


Hey, don’t forget to play the maze daily to get a special prize!

That’s all until next time there is an update that I can get to through this pile of advanced homework that replenishes itself everday. I hope you have fun in Bearville. Come again soon!

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Beaville October Update part 1

It’s October, the month long celebration of Halloween!!!!!
First Thing’s first, the seasonal loading game is back full of pumpkinsload screen

Next is the fall theme layout of Bearville and the Next Bearville Timeshallowtimes

There are a ton of new and returning stuff in all the stores!

Paulette’s: newcostumesnewcostumes1 newcostumes2


Bear Stuff Store:newbearstuffstore

Stuff Fur All Seasons:stufffurallseasons stufffurallseasons1 stufffurallseasons2 stufffurallseasons3

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Bearville Times and Themed Days?

Hello and here’s your Bearville news for the middle of August.


Nothing truly new, but make sure you’re online for Bearemy’s birthday, because there will most likely be a special gift for those who talk to him.

As you hopefully know, Bearville has created Themed days where you can dress up or do an activity just for fun with no prizes given. These are just for fun and sometimes correlate to activites in the real world. Hope you guys are having fun with these days. I might show you guys pictures for all the outfits later. 🙂

Have a great time in Bearville everyone.

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