Camp is over, the Carnival is now here

Congratulations to Team Miguel Sunshine on winning this year.  I have no idea what are the prizes for any team except for Chloe’s so if anyone can fill me in on what they are it is much appreciated.winner

The prizes for Team Chloe are a camp hat and a camp stove, which is an non-interactive item.

camphat campstove

The Carnival is open again. Really there is nothing new this year. Even the free prize is old. It’s still nice though. Have fun at the Carnival!carnivalgift


About StephanieStar105

I am a Senior High School Student (wow, I am childish), who plays Buildabearville, Wizard101, and SmallWorlds. I play the violin and participates in many school organizations.
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One Response to Camp is over, the Carnival is now here

  1. Marina says:

    Everyone on Miguel’s team got a gold trophy, a camp cot, a camp hat, and a camp stove 😛 I’m pretty sure that they take things away based on your placement until people on AbbieBright’s team (which came in last) only get a camp hat…

    And yeah, while the store glasses and the carnival in general aren’t really new, at least all the camp-related items were new, right? 😆

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