Camp Happy Heart 2014

Welcome everyone to Camp Happy Heart, a yearly event where the developers can just make minor updates to pass as a cool event.  The rules and the teams are the same as last year, as well as the games and the challenges.  Here are some pictures from the update:


campcabinAlso, those returning campers will also be able to receive additional prizes through bear mail.

Other than that there are no more updates in Bearville unfortunately.  I hope that they actually update the site soon with more things that would make Bearville beariffic!


About StephanieStar105

I am a Senior High School Student (wow, I am childish), who plays Buildabearville, Wizard101, and SmallWorlds. I play the violin and participates in many school organizations.
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One Response to Camp Happy Heart 2014

  1. Marina says:

    At least the shirts are different 😛 I’ll be sure to add you to the teams list on BRD! You’re the first person to have gotten Chloe 😆 Good to see you posting again and I hope you post more soon!

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