It’s Graduation Day

Well atleast it is in Bearville, mine is in three weeks.

There hasn’t been many major updates in Bearville for the past several months, and I haven’t been posting as often due to that and due to the fact that I was super busy with all the tests that I just had.

 The only major update was Bearville Graduation.  BearUniversity, outside only, is decorated for the graduation and only a graduation hat is for sale in the boutique.  Also, if you click of Bearemey you can get a free shirt.

graduation hat graduationbearville graduationbearvillepic



About StephanieStar105

I am a Senior High School Student (wow, I am childish), who plays Buildabearville, Wizard101, and SmallWorlds. I play the violin and participates in many school organizations.
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2 Responses to It’s Graduation Day

  1. Marina says:

    Nice graduation picture! 🙂 There were updates, though, like some clothing coming back to BVO and the Easter Island winners being announced, but nothing much, really;;

  2. What? I had no idea you would get a shirt. Better go get it now!

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