Easter Island? Where are the giant heads?

Hello everyone! Here’s your middle of March update for Bearville.

As with the usual Bearville Times, there are now updates to the world in the form of a Holiday Themed Easter Island with giant Easter eggs and new stuff in the stores.

Easter Island:

Either use your map, the giant Easter egg in the Town Square, or take the Ferry to Easter Island. There is only one location on the island so it is easy to navigate. You also get a special prize by going, and are put into one of the usual four teams for the Easter Egg Hunt.  I’m on team Yellow, Abbie’s team, however I cannot find any eggs. You can get eggs by playing minigames, finding them around Bearville, and from people wearing Easter hats.

easteregghunt easterisland yellowteam

Next is the new items in the stores. At the time I was writing this there was St. Patrick’s Day merch in the Stuff Fur All Seasons Store, but I would hope there will be Easter stuff now.

Bear Stuff


Bearville Outfitters


Hopefully I can update more often, but so far this March and upcoming April, I will be super busy. Have a good day!


About StephanieStar105

I am a Senior High School Student (wow, I am childish), who plays Buildabearville, Wizard101, and SmallWorlds. I play the violin and participates in many school organizations.
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6 Responses to Easter Island? Where are the giant heads?

  1. Marina says:

    Haha, BRD got in the Times this week 😛

  2. There should be giant heads…if Bearville wants to be technical about it. 😛 I’m on Miguel Sunshine’s team. 😉

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