Come For The Dances, and Get This Hat

Which doesn’t make sense.

From February 13-16, citizens of Bearville can go to the Gym to take part of the Valentines Dance.

You can dance the day or night away with your friends and random people, play a DJ game that is the same as in the Pawforming Arts Pavilion, and build a dance, which can also be found in the Pawforming Arts Pavilion.  The Special Prize for making it to the dance is this Pink Buffalo Hat, which makes no sense. This hat doesn’t even apply to the theme of Valentines Day.

Well, I hope you enjoy the dance.  Here’s some pictures.





About StephanieStar105

I am a Senior High School Student (wow, I am childish), who plays Buildabearville, Wizard101, and SmallWorlds. I play the violin and participates in many school organizations.
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2 Responses to Come For The Dances, and Get This Hat

  1. Marina says:

    Haha, I went to this with Clover 😛

  2. I know. I sold it i didn’t like it so much. 😛

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