Camp is over, the Carnival is now here

Congratulations to Team Miguel Sunshine on winning this year.  I have no idea what are the prizes for any team except for Chloe’s so if anyone can fill me in on what they are it is much appreciated.winner

The prizes for Team Chloe are a camp hat and a camp stove, which is an non-interactive item.

camphat campstove

The Carnival is open again. Really there is nothing new this year. Even the free prize is old. It’s still nice though. Have fun at the Carnival!carnivalgift

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Sneak Peak on Daily Prizes

Because the developers don’t even try to update the game anymore.

For those logging into Bearville these days, you would see a box recording how many days have you logged in during Camp Happy Heart.  According to the box, players can receive a prize every 5 days.  However, the prizes are (98% positive) the same from last year.  The prizes in order are an Indian Vase, Indian Rug, and Indian Bed.  If I end up incorrect, I will correct any error asap.



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Camp Happy Heart 2014

Welcome everyone to Camp Happy Heart, a yearly event where the developers can just make minor updates to pass as a cool event.  The rules and the teams are the same as last year, as well as the games and the challenges.  Here are some pictures from the update:


campcabinAlso, those returning campers will also be able to receive additional prizes through bear mail.

Other than that there are no more updates in Bearville unfortunately.  I hope that they actually update the site soon with more things that would make Bearville beariffic!

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It’s Graduation Day

Well atleast it is in Bearville, mine is in three weeks.

There hasn’t been many major updates in Bearville for the past several months, and I haven’t been posting as often due to that and due to the fact that I was super busy with all the tests that I just had.

 The only major update was Bearville Graduation.  BearUniversity, outside only, is decorated for the graduation and only a graduation hat is for sale in the boutique.  Also, if you click of Bearemey you can get a free shirt.

graduation hat graduationbearville graduationbearvillepic


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Easter Island? Where are the giant heads?

Hello everyone! Here’s your middle of March update for Bearville.

As with the usual Bearville Times, there are now updates to the world in the form of a Holiday Themed Easter Island with giant Easter eggs and new stuff in the stores.

Easter Island:

Either use your map, the giant Easter egg in the Town Square, or take the Ferry to Easter Island. There is only one location on the island so it is easy to navigate. You also get a special prize by going, and are put into one of the usual four teams for the Easter Egg Hunt.  I’m on team Yellow, Abbie’s team, however I cannot find any eggs. You can get eggs by playing minigames, finding them around Bearville, and from people wearing Easter hats.

easteregghunt easterisland yellowteam

Next is the new items in the stores. At the time I was writing this there was St. Patrick’s Day merch in the Stuff Fur All Seasons Store, but I would hope there will be Easter stuff now.

Bear Stuff


Bearville Outfitters


Hopefully I can update more often, but so far this March and upcoming April, I will be super busy. Have a good day!

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Come For The Dances, and Get This Hat

Which doesn’t make sense.

From February 13-16, citizens of Bearville can go to the Gym to take part of the Valentines Dance.

You can dance the day or night away with your friends and random people, play a DJ game that is the same as in the Pawforming Arts Pavilion, and build a dance, which can also be found in the Pawforming Arts Pavilion.  The Special Prize for making it to the dance is this Pink Buffalo Hat, which makes no sense. This hat doesn’t even apply to the theme of Valentines Day.

Well, I hope you enjoy the dance.  Here’s some pictures.




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We Now Have Shadows, But They Can’t Walk With Us

Happy Groundhog Day, or perhaps more suitable Super Bowl Day. It doesn’t matter to me, because I don’t like sports and I have an essay to write. However this is a short update.

If you want the cool new prize that is (so far) available today online, then head towards the Path and click on the tree stump that is flashing.


You should see an animation of the groundhog seeing his shadow and then receive your new move.groundhogmove groundhogmove1animation

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